Pro-Turf Hydroseeding & Landscaping Expertise

Our area of expertise includes many varied applications to suit your particular needs.

We hydroseed all over New England. 

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Hydroseed: Lush, green, fast

Need a new lawn? Look no further. We hydroseed your already prepped yard, or offer complete lawn restoration.

Prices are affordable and our services are available all over New England.

Contact us for an instant quote! We will need the size of your project in square feet, and will ask just a few additional questions and can get you on the schedule within just a few days.

Have a Fenway Park lawn in just a few weeks!

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Low maintenance options are available for roadside and highway applications. Fast growing and little to no maintenance can have your road project completed quickly and for and affordable price.

pro-turf hydroseeding


There are many options for erosion control including tack (glue), wild-flowers, and drought-resistant seeds.

Save time and money by using our high capacity hydroseed trucks.

hydroseeding solar fields


The best base for under a field of solar panels is a drought-resistant seed to prevent erosion and dust.

Solar fields typically require mowing 1-2 times per year.


hydroseeding golf courses


Let us apply the perfect lush grass you need on your golf course.

There are many seed options, including our custom New England Blend!

hydroseed for athletic fields


Hydroseed is a fast growing application of seed and fertilizer which helps re-establish athletic fields. We can apply seed at the beginning of the off-season and it will be ready for games in about 6-8 weeks.

learn about the benefits

Learn why hydroseed is the ideal solution for your many needs, how to prepare for the application, and how to care for the area once the seed is applied.